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Dartallion Allen’s MWR Top Draws- Technical Masters

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 19, 2010

 Brian “Flair” Kelley

One of the most popular features here at Missouri Wrestling Revival returns with Dartallion Allen’s Top Draws and on this edition he allowed me to choose the name. When I got the artwork and discovered that Kurt Angle, Jeremy Wyatt, Dingo and Bailey Mannix were a part of this group, then Nick Tyson and Mike Quackenbush, I first thought to myself “These guys can hang with anyone” Therefore I call this edition Technical Masters.

My personal favorite wrestler today is Kurt Angle. Angle throughout the years has been in some great storylines but in my honest opinion most of the time they have not known what to do with someone so great. With that said no matter the situation when the bell rang you knew it was going to be a great match. Kurt is able to deliver in the ring or on the mic. As a good guy or as the hated heel he has able to get his point across. He is today’s Ric Flair.

The Technical Masters in the Midwest can do it all. Some are loved liked Mike Quakenbush and Dingo while others are hated like Jeremy Wyatt and Bailey Mannix but regardless you want to see them in the ring. Till the next match MWR fans sit back and enjoy a mix of some of the best wrestlers today drawn by none other than Dartallion Allen.

Kurt Angle

One of the most pure wrestlers in the history of the sport, Angle earned respect nationally by becoming a two time National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I champion in college. The world wide by winning the 1995 World Championship tournament, and made history by winning a gold medal in the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, in heavyweight freestyle wrestling.

Angle has dominated in the past decade as he racked up World Championships in WWE, TNA as well as in Japan. Angle is one of the few wrestlers that claim the big three, the look, the Charisma and the ability to wrestle.

In my mind there is no one better in the past 15 years in pro wrestling than Kurt Angle.

Jeremy Wyatt

The Belt Collector has made an impact with main events around the Midwest with the tops stars today. Wyatt often angers fans with his big mouth but backs it up with by winning big matches in exciting fashion.

The 2008 MWR Wrestler of the year has taken down the biggest of wrestlers such as Donovan Ruddick, and then matched moves with the most technical wrestlers today like Dingo, Shawn Shultz, and Davey Richards. Love him or hate him, he is one of the elite in the sport today.


In a sport where it seems as if the big men rule, the truth of the matter is the size of a mans heart that determines where he is able to go. Judge the Australian superstar Dingo by appearance and you see a guy that is in shape but by no means the top wrestler in the Midwest. Then you see him in action and it is not mistaken, that the talent and drive is there. There is no wrestler in the MWR Coverage area that is offered more praise and admiration for his ring work by his peers than Dingo. Promoters love him because they know they can match him up with anyone and the fans will love it. When Dartallion Allen and I spoke about the MWR Top Draws for the site he was the first wrestlers that he said he was excited about drawing. There is no doubt that if MWR had been around in the past he would already be a multiple award winner for Wrestler and Match of the year

Recently Dingo announced his retirement from the sport of pro wrestling. MWR would like to wish Dingo the very best and secretly we hopes that he reconsiders.

Mike Quackenbush

“The Master of a 1000 holds” Mike Quakenbush skills and talent range reaches much further that the square circle. As founder of the very popular Chikara, Quakenbush has been the home of some of the most talked about wrestling today.

Quakenbush is one of the most influential men in wrestling he has trained today’s stars Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli and Eddie Kingston.

Wrestlers in the Midwest have had the chance to get training seminars from “The Ring Wizard in the recent past NWA Missouri Champion Davey Vega can attest to the teaching ability of Quakenbush as he took two tours of training in the past 2 years that had to be an advantage when he was able to defeat his fellow teacher Dingo for the belt on October 16th of this past year.

With 20 years in the sport Quakenbush shows that hard work does pay off in the wrestling business as Quakenbush is one of the most influential men in the sport today

Nick Tyson

Originally known as simply “Nightmare”, Nick Tyson entered the ring with his face painted for battle and let his wrestling do the talking. Employing a combination of submissions and strikes, Tyson held the championship in the WCWF(predecessor to the LWA) as well as in the LWA itself. A few years into his career, Tyson got rid of the facepaint and formed an alliance with fellow Midwest wrestling standouts Dingo and Pierre Abernathy…thus forming the Submission Squad.

Tyson has also competed for GCW and NWA Central States in Kansas. The biggest win of his career was his upset victory over TNA competitor Alex Shelley in March of 2007. Later in the year, Tyson teamed with longtime ally Dingo to battle Shelley and his partner Chris Sabin…the Motor City Machineguns evened the score on that night. One of Tyson’s most recent standout matches was a battle in January of 2009 with CHIKARA wrestler Mike Quackenbush.


Whether in singles or tag team competition, the “Technical Messiah” has proven himself to be a formidable competitor wherever he wrestles!

Bailey Mannix

The MECW Champion Bailey Mannix with his manager Lovely Leon looks like an odd pair but in 2009 they ran rough shot through the promotion to claim the title from Zach Thompson in a dog collar match.

A master of the suplex, Mannix was named the MWR Wrestler of the month in January of 2009. This past December Mannix debut at High Voltage Wrestling teaming with Eric Allen successfully against Markus Crane and Bucky Collins.

As great as a year it was for Mannix in 2009 look for 2010 to be even better.

Coming soon at MWR from Dartallion Allen “The Modern Day Viking” Shawn Shultz

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