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Johnny Blade – Natural Born Professional Fighter

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 8, 2009

By Jason Thomas

Johnny Blade first stepped into the gym at 8 years old. Not wrestling but martial arts and later in kickboxing, Thai boxing, boxing and shootfighting. Wrestling had always been in the back of his mind for later down the road when he was done with all the other stuff. That other stuff would be rewarded with many titles won as both an amateur and professional fighter.

As an amateur kick boxer Johnny held the Missouri State and Midwest middleweight titles. Proving his versatility he won the 1997 Golden Gloves for boxing. John went on to turn pro in kickboxing and Thai boxing in 2000 and boxing in 2003 under the tutelage of his trainer Rob Ward. Rob Ward is an 8th degree Black Belt and an accomplished full contact karate competitor himself.

By 2002 John had won the Intercontinental Heavyweight Kickboxing Championship for the P.K.L. and an Interim World Heavyweight Thai boxing championship in 2004. Retiring from all the other stuff a little over a year ago with a record of 28-4 with 20KO’s for kickboxing. 10-1 with 9KO’s for Thai boxing. 5-0 with 5KO’s in shoot fighting and 6-10-1 with 5KO’s for boxing. Those records of course are just his pro records. As an amateur he had around 100 fights and only losing an estimated 10 of them. As a pro he has fought all over the world including Bally’s and Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The Reliant Center in Houston, Lumpinee Stadiium in Thailand and not to mention the greatest of them all, Madison Square Garden. A lot of which were under cards of HBO, Showtime and PPV events. So to say this man has got some experience in the ring is an understatement.

With his expertise in many forms of fighting Johnny Blade is young in his wrestling career but far from a rookie. (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Johnny turned to Pro Wrestling on November 1, 2008 in St.Louis at South Broadway Athletic Club. Since then has wrestled for several federations including WWCW, CCW and of course MMWA- SICW. Johnny knows what it takes to get to the top and now he is trying to apply that same work ethic he had in his other careers to wrestling. He has already had close to 60 wrestling bouts and has picked up the sport rather quick but with his background that really came as no surprise. Johnny has already found out the pains of the sport as he has said that wrestling hurts more on a day to day basis than all the others. He stated that “Thai boxing hurts the most for each individual match but in training is where most of the pain comes from. There you spar a few times a week but with protective gear on. In wrestling you may have knee pads on and elbow pads but they do you no good when you’re getting slammed on your back over and over. Not to mention sometimes you wrestle 2 or 3 times a week in between your training days.” He continues to say “with that said wrestling is everything I hoped it would be and more. I get a better rush from the crowd now as a wrestler than when I was a prize fighter. As a wrestler you get to interact with them more and that makes all the difference to me. At the same time I can say it is definitely a change that has taken some getting used to.

Sean Vincent is one of the most complete wrestlers today. Here he gets a sample of Blades repertoire. (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

When asked about his new experience in the ring Johnny explained “The first few matches I did not interact enough with them and as each match goes by you keep finding more ways to get the crowd into it. So even though I got a lot of ring experience growing up I still have a lot of things to learn in wrestling. I watch a lot of the older guys and keep tabs all the time of the little things they do and how they make the crowd react so well. Whether they are getting them to cheer or boo. Even a couple of the younger guys who have been getting a lot of experience traveling and doing as many shows as possible have taught me a few things. Most notably Brandon Espinosa as we have traveled together several times. Watching him work the crowd and the way he sells moves. Dave Vaughn is another young guy with a lot of talent I like to take notes from. A guy closer to my age I’ve already learned a lot from would be Sean Vincent. His heel work is astounding and thus far has been the best worker I’ve been matched up against. An older guy I learned a lot from was Motley Cruz whom I’ve wrestled around 4 times down south from Dyersburg, TN. He never did a lot but what he did and the way he did it I picked up on and seen the brilliance of it.”

Johnny Blade loves the interaction with the fans. (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

I asked Johnny who he hopes to wrestle one day and he was quick to answer “ One of the guys I hope to get to work one day up here is Gary Jackson. We’ve worked out a few times in the gym but have not had a match yet. I love watching the man work as he just knows so much about the sport. I figure that will be one of my toughest matches and he will definitely be a hard man to beat. For now I will just keep trying to get booked for as many shows as possible and for as time and my job will allow. I’m already trying my best to promote myself with my own T-shirts and website at http://johnnyblade.ning.com/and doing my best to meet and greet every fan with autographed photos and just talking to them and keeping them coming to the shows. Hopefully I will just keep getting better and can avoid as many injuries as possible and with a little luck get signed by a big promotion one day. But even if that happens I will always come back to South Broadway and do a match from time to time. If it doesn’t then I’m sure I will just enjoy the ride.

Blade debuts his beautiful valet Aurora (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

To find out when Johnny Blade will be in action at MMWA- SICW go to their myspace. To book Johnny Blade make sure you check out his website here.

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