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Archive for November 18th, 2009

Missouri Wrestling Revival Show surrounded by good people.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 18, 2009

By Brian Kelley

This past weekend my good friend Josh Ray accomplished a goal that he had set forth—to promote a quality wrestling show with some of the top stars in the Midwest.

What made the day so special for me was the support from the wonderful people that MWR has worked with in the past. All the top promotions in the area had at least one person at the show that we call friends.

3XW’s Skyler Pierce and Chad Mylan made the seven hour trip to Granite City and were valuable to the success of the show. Evil Jim and Crystal from NWA Dynamo were on hand with the ring and sound equipment. High Voltage Wrestling’s TNT Keny G was active throughout the night and MECW’S Brian Scrilla was there to offer support. Pro Wrestling Athletes’ Frank “The Tank” Thurman stepped up to do the ring announcing. One of the kindness men in the Midwest today, World League Wrestler Announcer Dan Gier was one of the first men I saw when the doors were open. Then there were messages wishing MWR good luck from people who were unable to be at the show due to having their own shows or commitments, like MMWA-SICW announcer Tim Miller and John Bach from AAPW/IWA Productions as well as Ryan and Wes from Pro Wrestling Entertainment. My friends at The Fan Shop also let us know they hoped that we were a success. Even that no good Mark Bland let us know that he hoped we did well

Also at the show for a sign of support were The Nose Bleed Seats was represented by Crimefighter and Moav who made the trip as well as The Wrestling Daily’s Adam Testa. Last, but not least, you can not have a wrestling show without my friend Patrick Brandmeyer in attendance.

I was also very pleased with the roster on the card. I knew everyone that was there that night could have a good match, so that was a given. What did impress me was the professionalism demonstrated from them. Not only are they some of the top talent in the Midwest, but they cared about going out and having a great match. If any promoter is looking for good people, I highly recommend you take a look at these guys.

The only down side of having a show is that you are unable to use all the top talent that is out there. If someone you like was not on the card, by no means was that a knock on them at all. There were many wrestlers that we would have loved to have on the card but financially it is impossible.

We won’t lie, the fan attendance could have been better with more in the house. The Upside was that they were all there to have a good time. They booed and cheered; they did it all in the action packed night. I was able to meet some MWR Fans like Drew and his friends for the first time that wished us luck on the site and for that I thank him. Jonathan Jones took his lovely new wife to her first show. Jonathan was a fan whom I met at a NWA Dynamo show in Mount Vernon, IL a year or so ago; he is now one of my closest friends made time to support us. Speaking of friends Chuck Maddox was on hand holding up The Northstar Express and Davari t-shirts in between matches and selling merchandise including the new MWR Best of the Midwest DVD and the ever popular MWR T-shirts.

Was it a perfect show? By no means, no, but I feel as if the positives far outweighed the negatives. Many of the fans have written us asking where the next show that we will cover will be. Some of our friends have written us to give their advice on what they liked and didn’t like and how we can improve it the next time we have a show.

For me it was one of the most eventful days of MWR. Having the support of so many who we have tried to help meant more than you will know. My only regret is I wished I would have taken pictures with everyone who I had mentioned above so I can have that moment locked in time.

From a personal standpoint I was happy that this moment was shared with the MWR family. Josh and Sara Ray, Kari and Joan Williams, and I can not forget my lovely girlfriend Dubray. I just wished that fellow MWR Photographers Michael R Van Hoogstraat and Gary Gioffoglione could have been able to make it but guys I want you to know that you were missed.

Wrestling is truly a team sport and I am proud of everyone that made the MWR show on November 14th in Granite City a time to remember.

Thank you to each and everyone that made the show a success. Everyone at MWR hopes to see you at your favorite promotion in the near  future.

MWR November 14th Results

Zach Thompson pinned Rob James

Eric Allen pinned Devin Carter

The Northstar Express – Ryan Cruz & Darin Corbin pinned Babewatch – Brandon Aarons & Brandon Espinosa

Alexandre Rudolph pinned Matt Fitchett & Max Archer (triple)

The Kansas City Killer -Mark Sterling & Mike Sydal pinned The Bayou Outlaws – Mad Dog McDowell & Aaron Masterson

Jeremy Wyatt pinned Jimmy Rockwell, Arya Daivari & “The Future” Donovan Ruddick (fatal four-way, No DQ)

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Don’t miss the most important women’s match in the Midwest this year. This Friday NWA Women’s Champion MsChif defends her title against Amy Hennig

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 18, 2009

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