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Archive for November 14th, 2009

Dynamo Pro Oct. 16 Recap

Posted by reimaginejournalism on November 14, 2009

By Kari Williams
Photos by Kari Williams

Dynamo Pro returned to The Game in Glen Carbon, IL Oct. 16. They witnessed tag team turmoil, the crowning of a new champion and an intense night of wrestling.

Alexandre Rudolph took on Zabian Zypertin in the opening contest. Although Zypertin had the fans on his side, it was not enough for him to overpower Rudolph. Whenever Zypertin gained the slightest bit of momentum, Rudolph shot him down, literally. In no time, Rudolph defeated Zypertin, securing his place as one of the most dominant individuals in Dynamo Pro.


Zabian Zypertin does his best to combat Alexandre Rudolph, but to no avail, as Rudolph continued his path of destruction.

Gary Jay, accompanied by Tiffani LaFane, went up against “The Don Mega” Shorty Biggs. Gary took to the sky with his aerial offense against the Don Mega, keeping Biggs at a distance. However, the Biggs had the fans’ full support, which made all the difference, even with LaFane’s presence at ringside. As cunning as LaFane is as a manager, Biggs was able to focus and not let her get inside his head. The Don Mega soundly defeated Gary Jay.


Gary Jay combats Shorty Biggs' pound and ground style with a high flying offense.

Matt Fitchett had a test in front of him in the form of the always outrageous Billy McNeil. These two men put on one of the most high-flying, energetic matches of the evening. Fitchett matched McNeil step for step and pulled off impressive moves that elicited cheers from the crowd. McNeil’s experience helped him in the long run, and McNeil won a hard fought victory against one of the Midwest’s up and comers.


Billy McNeil and Matt Fitchett put on one of the most high flying, exciting matches of the evening.

Trent Stone and OutKast beat the hell out of each other in the following contest. Both men used their brute strength to wear down the other. OutKast attempted to keep Stone grounded with submission holds, but to no avail. Stone’s determination matched that of OutKast, which led to a standstill for part of the bout. Nonetheless, Stone pulled through and covered OutKast for the one, two, three.

After intermission, the Submission Squad (Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico) went up against the Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter), the Ego Express (Steven Kennedy & KC Karrington) and B.A.B.E.Watch (Brandon Aarons & Brandon Espinosa) in a four way tag team bout. The Squad and Hooligans initially worked together against B.A.B.E.Watch and the Egos. As the match progressed, all bets were off as every team fended for themselves. Gelistico put a beating on Kennedy, who was unable to reach Karrington for a tag for quite some time. Bodies were flying in and out of the ring, and by the end of the match, all semblance of control had vanished. Every man in the match was in the ring, and Abernathy got the pin, but not without controversy.


Spoiled" Steven Kennedy takes to the sky as he demolishes every man in the contest, including his own partner, K.C. Karrington.

Karrington and Kennedy felt they deserved to win the match and Karrington sat down in a chair in the center of the ring in protest. The Squad defended their victory by attacking the Egos, but Kennedy and Karrington made short work of them, proving they had the potential to win the match.

NWA Women’s Champion and SHIMMER Champion MsChif put her NWA Women’s title on the line against Nicole Matthews. MsChif went in to the contest with a psychological advantage, as the fans were on her side and Matthews appeared hesitant from the get go. These two women put on one of the most technically sound matches of the night, filled with impressive counters and fueled by anger.


Nicole Matthews attempts to wear down MsChif in their battle for MsChif's NWA Women's title.

Matthews had MsChif close to defeat on more than one occasion, but MsChif’s tenacity and drive forced her to not to give up. Matthews and MsChif battled inside and outside the ring all for the distinction of holding the NWA Women’s Championship. In the end, MsChif put Matthews away and retained the title.

“Spitfire” Davey Vega had possibly his biggest challenge to date as he challenged NWA Heavyweight Champion Dingo for the belt. The contest began with a handshake of respect, but quickly turned into a war for pride, respect and the championship. In this teacher v. student environment, Vega proved he has mastered his skill effectively. The two battled in and out of the ring and traded chops and devastating maneuvers.


Dingo and Vega put on an impressive bout, filled with trash talk, both literally and figuratively, and tremendous wrestling.

Both men had their strong points, but as they made their way back into the ring, Vega began to take control. With the exception of a few high impact moves from Dingo, Vega had the NWA Championship in his sights, and he did not take his eyes off the prize. Vega walked away from Glen Carbon as the new NWA Heavyweight Champion.

NWA Dynamo Pro returns to The Game in Glen Carbon on Nov. 20. For more information, go to http://www.myspace.com/nwacswmo.


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