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Archive for November 6th, 2009

LWA Oct. 24 arena report

Posted by reimaginejournalism on November 6, 2009

By Kari Williams

At the Knights of Columbus Hall in House Springs, MO, LWA brought Six Years of Cheers and Beers to 85 fans who witnessed a historic night.

LWA President Luke Roberts kicked off the night by stripping both K.C. Karrington and “Spoiled” Steven Kennedy of the LWA Championship and Medallion of Brutality, respectively. He then awarded Gary the Nightowl the LWA Championship and Evan Gelistico the Medallion of Brutality, much to the chagrin of the

LWA Commissioner Tim Alley emerged to shake things up a bit and attempt to please the fans. He declared that all three medallions would be on the line in the opening match.

“Spitfire” Davey Vega, Gorgeous Jordan and Evan Gelistico battled for title contention. The match was a Medallion unifying match, and the winner would go on to face Gary in the main event for the belt. Initially, Jordan and Gelistico reunited to take Vega out of the equation, but that did not last long. Alliances failed and they all fought in and out of the ring, bringing chairs into the mix and demolishing each other’s bodies. Vega ultimately prevailed, pinning Gelistico.

Mike Sydal, accompanied by “Thee” Brandon Espinosa, took on Rebelucha. The two have crossed paths in the past, and that became apparent as they effectively countered each other’s moves. Their styles clashed perfectly, causing Sydal to become frustrated about half way through the match when he could not put Rebelucha away. Although Sydal gained the advantage, Rebelucha refused to give in; he worked his way toward success, and defeated Sydal with an Oklahoma roll.

Adam Raw came to the ring next and brought out Pierre Abernathy to, as he said, “Bury the hatchet or punch him in the face.” Abernathy said he does not like Raw, but that he will extend his hand. As Abernathy and Raw showed each other respect, “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt claimed that he is the only man in the LWA who matters and that he is the best LWA champion in history.

Sydal returned to ringside to accompany Espinosa in his match against Super Electro. Espinosa attempted to gain control early on, but Electro’s unnatural offense curtailed Espinosa’s plan. The eccentricities the fans love Electro for helped him dominate the beginning of the match. Espinosa soon had enough, and in a matter of moments, he took over. Espinosa soundly defeated the loveable Electro, and after the match both Sydal and Espinosa were offered modeling contracts from Dusk Rose.

After intermission, Wyatt and Abernathy went at it. They took the fight to the outside and traded chops against the ring post. Both men had their moments of supremacy, but Wyatt remained one step ahead of Abernathy. Wyatt took a page out of Abernathy’s playbook and focused his attack on Abernathy’s leg/knee area. Using his typical tactics, Wyatt pulled on the ropes for added leverage while trapping Abernathy in submission holds, doing further damage to knee. Abernathy did his best to combat the pain, but to no avail. Wyatt forced Abernathy to tap out to the single-leg Boston crab.

“Future” Donovan Ruddick got his hands on Raw in the following contest. Despite his raw power, the LWA original fought an uphill battle against Ruddick. The two men collided, as they attempted to knock each other off of their feet. Ruddick had a slight advantage most of the bout, but Raw was not too far behind. He gained some steam and looked poised for victory—that is, until Abernathy grabbed a chair Ruddick had attempted to use earlier in the match and slammed it into Raw’s skull. Ruddick capitalized and got the win.

Nick Tyson returned to LWA to introduce Dingo, who gave his farewell speech to end a 10-year career that took him from Gateway Championship Wrestling to LWA to High Voltage Wrestling to Ring of Honor, and countless other places.

In the main event, Vega and Gary locked up for Gary’s newly won LWA Title. The battle quickly spilled to the outside, where Gary tried to make quick work of Spitfire. Vega’s skill brought him close to victory on more than one occasion, and the fans were behind him all the way. Gary should not be taken lightly, however. He can pack a punch and deliver top rope maneuvers with the best of them. Unfortunately, that was not how Gary retained the belt. When Vega had come within seconds of winning, Gelistico came out and nailed Vega with a superkick behind the ref’s back. Gary then hit Vega with the flatliner to retain the LWA championship.

To witness the aftermath of the sixth anniversary show, LWA will be in O’ Fallon, IL this Saturday, Nov. 7 at the Knights of Columbus Hall. For more information, go to http://www.lwawrestling.com.

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Pro Wrestling Phoenix returns to action on Saturday Night – November 14th!!!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 6, 2009


Pro Wrestling Phoenix returns to action on Saturday Night – November 14th!!!

*** A couple of months ago, Vic Victory announced that he would be stepping away from professional wrestling soon, but not without having a few final matches against his best friends. Up until now, he has faced and defeated both Donnie Peppercricket and Chris Havius, up next – in his final match, Vic faces Jaysin Strife – with Strife�es PWP Heavyweight Title on the line. Vic and Strife have a storied past in PWP, having been fierce rivals as well as the best of friends, even winning the PWP Tag Team Titles together. Will Vic be able to step away as PWP champion? Be there to find out!!!

*** The Murder Militia will look to show that they are still in control, as Joey Daniels & #1 Brett Young defend the PWP Tag Team Titles against Donnie Peppercricket & Chris Havius!!!

*** In what is sure to be an absolutely epic battle, Abu Colossus goes one on one with “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon!!!

Also in Action: “Babyface” Tony Cortez, Stephen Saint, David Clark, Ryan Slade, “The Passion” Zac James, and more!!!

Saturday November 14, 2009

National Guard Armory
2415 E. Kanesville Blvd.
Council Bluffs, IA 51503

Doors: 6:30
Bell Time: 7:00

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