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J.R. Timmons interviews “The Full Blooded Irishmen” Lucky Dane

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 1, 2009


As you may or may not know, IWA Productions, centered in south-eastern Illinois, is holding its October event, Saturday Night Fright on October 17th at the IWAP Wrestling Center, 531 S. Whittle Avenue, right about the Knights of Columbus. Among the many matches to be shown there, there will be a dog collar match between the leader of the Full Blooded Irishmen, Lucky Dane, and the Knucklehead of pro-wrestling, Curly. I had a moment before this week’s Wednesday Night Wrestling FREE wrestling show to sit down with Lucky Dane and discuss his feud with Curly, from his point of view.


J.R. Timmons: I’m here with none other than Lucky Dane. Kucky thanks for coming in on such short notice. I know you’ve got a lot of things going on right now with your feud with Curly, and I want to thank you for sitting down and talking with us. On July 25th at IWA Productions Freedom Brawl, you handed me an envelope…

Lucky Dane: Yep…

J.R. Timmons: .. an envelope stating your intentions, stating… I guess you would say, your manifesto….

Lucky Dane: Well, if you remember, when I handed you the envelope, what did I specifically say? I said ‘Watch tonight… and see who wins this match.’ Because I specifically said that if Homicidal Steven Davis wins this match, you need to open this envelope. If Curly wins, destroy it. And the simple fact of the matter was, I was giving Curly the benefit of the doubt. Now, I look back, and I don’t think he deserved the benefit of a doubt. I came out here for fifteen years, night after night after night after night, putting on a show for these fans, in arenas all over the states, Missouri Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Iowa, you name it I’ve been through the Midwest in this, and I heard them chant my name, and that night I walked out, I wanted to see what would happen, as I came out with Curly. And here’s this cartoonesque enigma who rolls around the ring like some rapid dog to some stupid three stooges theme and they [the fans] were chanting ‘Curly’, instead of ‘Lucky’. That’s why I gave you the envelope, and that’s why Curly had to be dealt Justice.

J.R. Timmons: You are of course talking about when you hit Curly in that heavyweight championship fight with a steel chair.

Lucky Dane: I’ll readily admit that I hit him with that steel chair. He deserved every inch of that chair upside his head.

J.R. Timmons: And because of that ‘justice’, now, on October 17th, here in Olney, we have you… Lucky Dane versus Curly in a dog collar match. What’s going through your mind right now in the weeks before Saturday Night Fright?

Lucky Dane: Well, let me explain this, this goes back to three weeks ago. This is my first day back in this arena, because I served a twenty one day suspension for a steel chain that magically appeared in the ring, like my magical lucky charms appear, and they said I used it on Curly. The referee turned around… Whatever! I serve a twenty one day suspension. You know what that is, that’s money out of my pocket when I go out and earn my living around here. Twenty one days I didn’t work in this arena, I’m back tonight. So, that’s the first thing we need to understand about that. Curly better watch it, cause he’s got something coming to him tonight, I’ll guarantee that to you. Second, he wants a dog collar match? I’ve give him any kind of dog collar match he wants. I’ve been doing this for fifteen years, and I’ll estimate that I’ve had between twenty and twenty five dog collar matches, and you can ask Homicidal Steven Davis, I’ve fought with him, you can ask Brian the Lion, I’ve fought with him, and you can go down the list of all the people that I’ve ever been in a dog collar match with, and in my entire career, I never lost ONE dog collar match. So, Curly wants to step into MY backyard for a dog collar match. It’s on Curly, I’ll bring the dog collar, We’ll do this on October 17th

J.R. Timmons: Well, thank you very much for your time. And on a personal note, I do want to say thank you for standing up and saying that you ARE a professional wrestler, and not just an entertainer, and for bringing that traditional style of wrestling back to all of the fans.

Lucky Dane: See that’s the difference… I’m an old-school professional wrestler. I’m out here to beat people up and grab a paycheck. I’m not going to come out here and flip-flop around the ring like the young guys do, I’m not going to roll around in the ring like a rabid dog like Curly does, for people to laugh at me? What are they thinking? They don’t have the respect of ANYONE in this arena. I’ve got the respect of every wrestler and everyone in the back… because I’m not a Cartoon, Curly. The fact is, I’m a professional wrestler, and I carry myself with that dignified with that level of respect for the people around me. So, you’re not going to see me entertain. I’m a professional wrestler, not an entertainer, and that’s what I’m here to do, beat people up, and you’ll see that on October 17

J.R. Timmons: Thank you.

Lucky Dane: Thank you.


As a reminder, you can now check out all the lastest news and happenings surrounding the IWA Productions, by going to iwaproductions.com. Tickets for the October 17th show, are also on sale now, and can be purchased online through the website, or at the door. Advance tickets are a little cheaper, so get yours today


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