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Archive for April 23rd, 2009

MMWA-SICW April 11 Recap

Posted by reimaginejournalism on April 23, 2009

By Kari Williams and Patrick Brandmeyer
Photo credit: Mike Van Hoogstraat
Photo comments: Brian “Flair” Kelley


WWE Legendary referee Dave Hebner, Tony Costa and Bob Holly

MMWA-SICW welcomed former WWE Referee Dave Hebner and Former WWE Superstar Hardcore Holly to their April 11 show at the South Broadway Athletic Club, where they, and the fans, witnessed a night of shocking victories and surprise returns.

In the main event, A.J. Williams attempted to regain the Junior Heavyweight Championship from Dave Vaughn, who had Cook in his corner for the entire bout. Williams and Vaughn wrestled an impressive match, with both men having their moments of glory. Wiliams used his high-flying antics to build an offense against the more grounded Vaughn and connected with a superkick to the champ. Vaughn rolled out of the ring to regroup, and Williams tried to capitalize on the distractrion, but only came away with a two-count. With Cook’s assistance, Vaughn stole the win and retained his title.


Dave Vaughn is focused on defeating his arch enemy AJ Williams.


AJ strikes from up high.


Vaughn once again retains the Junior Heavyweight Championship.

Jeremy Lightfoot and Big Texan battled it out prior to the main event. Texan used his size and power to dominate Lightfoot early on, but after a cocky, one-handed pin attempt, Lightfoot began to fight back. Despite Texan overwhelming Lightfoot the majority of the bout, Lightfoot pulled out a Lightfoot Driver for the win at 10:24.



Shaft holds on for dear life.

The newest Connection member, Shaft, showed fans a more intense side of the once-fan-friendly wrestler against an MMWA newcomer in Purple Passion. Shaft’s newfound aggression allowed him to dominate Passion for nearly the entire bout. Although Passion put up a good fight, nothing could stop Shaft, especially with Cook on his side. At 7:11, Shaft defeated Passion after relentlessly attacking his knee.

Prior to “Night Train” Gary Jackson’s Heavyweight Title defense against Phil E. Blunt, Jackson called out Jerome Cody and asked, “Are you with them or are you with me?” referring to The Connection. Cody revealed that his alliance will lie with Jackson, and then the title match began.

Blunt started the match in his typical way, attacking Jackson from behind and then tossing him to the outside, where he relentlessly pummeled his opponent. The fans tried to will Jackson back from the near-defeat, but Blunt will not let Jackson dominate. When the men took the fight to the outside for the second time, Jackson appeared to be gaining some leverage, but as they made their way back in the squared circle, Blunt scored a near fall. Vaughn then ran in and gave the referee a distraction so that Cook could slip a belt to Blunt, who inadvertently hit Vaughn. This mishap and confusion allowed Jackson to walk away victorious
after a roll-up where he held the tights for extra emphasis.


Gary Jackson and Phil E Blunt fight it out on the floor.


Gary Jackson send Blunt on a trip.


Lumberjack Abe gets the 1-2-3 on Billy Diamond

The Lumberjacks made their presece felt for the second time this evening when Abe took on “Wild Child” Billy Diamond. Diamond tried to outsmart Abe with speed and then initiated a test of strength battle in which Abe got the upper hand. Abe’s early dominance forshadowed what was to come because every time Diamond began to take over Abe put a stop to it with Gabe’s help. The double-team attempts became too much for Diamond, who succumbed at 9:47.


Johnny Courageous slams Core

Johnny Courageous and Core put on a technically sound bout with the fans solely behind Courageous. Just when Core began to take the advantage from Courageous, the fans willed him back, and Courageous’ determination never weakened. Although Core was able to hit his opponenet with some high impact moves, Courageous pulled through, scoring an upset via pinfall.


Waco can fly for a big man....too bad the Lumberjack left town.


Waco chokes Lumberjack Gabe while the Big Texan gives his approval.

Members of warring tag teams squared off as Lumberjack Gabe with Abe faced Waco(w/ Big Texan). Waco went aerial in his attempt to take out one of the reigning Tag Team Champions, but Gabe was able to avoid the masked man’s moonsault. The outside parties got involved at key moments, leading to Waco scoring the win with a DDT in around seven minutes.


Jaysin Static makes quick work on El Lobo

Jaysin Static made his first in-ring appearance at South Broadway since his recent injury, squaring off against the masked man El Lobo. While the mask seemed to give Lobo some interesting advice, it was not enough to propel him to victory. Static finished off Lobo with a knockout kick to the back of the head, picking up the win in just over four minutes.

MMWA-SICW returns to South Broadway on May 9th with special guest Harley Race.  For more info please go to the MMWA-SICW MySpace page.

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