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MWR Spotlight: Eric Allen The Peorian Pride Champion”?

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 20, 2009



By Brian “Flair” Kelley


Eric AllenThe Peorian Pride Champion”?  If you are a fan of wrestling and did not know that such a title existed then you are not alone. Just by chance I was in Wood River Illinois to check out MECW for MWR when this brash cocky Eric Allen was introduced to the crowd as the Peorian Pride Champion (much to my surprise) in his match with Brian Scrilla.  I consider myself knowledgeable of the independent scene in this area but this was the first that I had heard of such a title.


With the camera in hand I watched as Allen used every trick in the book to keep his coveted title belt. Scrilla was the victim of foul play when “Exxxplicit Content” member Ryan Slade’s valet Jenna Stark distracted the referee, to allow Slade to use the belt on Scrilla’s knee to preserve the victory and retain the title.


I was able to catch up with Allen after the match to ask him “Where did you win this belt?” His reply to me was that he had won the belt in Peoria Illinois. Allen stated “Peoria is famous for the fact that for something to succeed it must work in Peoria. If it works in Peoria then it will work anywhere. The Pro Wrestling legends organization got together and decided to bring all the top stars in Illinois and several superstars of the WWE, TNA and ROH. We competed in an underground tournament of 64 to determined Champion to finally get to the truth too who the best wrestler in the world really was” When I plainly asked who the superstars were that was in the tournament Allen was quick to say “I have no time for 20 questions, I have to get back to Peoria, they are having a parade to commemorate my victory tonight.”


 While I was on the three hour trip back from MECW and wrestling was hot on my mind. I could not wait to do the research and find out more about this Championship and more importantly why MWR was not invited? 


On Monday evening I decided to see how Allen’s parade went. I went on the trusty websites and did a search for parade in Peoria March 21….nothing. I thought maybe it was listed on March 22 beings that it was so late….nothing. Hmmm… I did a thorough search on the Peoria’s newspaper websites and still came up with zilch.  Who knows maybe it was “underground”!


I decided to contact some of the MWR Wrestling advisers. One correspondent that wished to remain anonymous enlightened me with some great information.


 I was told that Eric Allen “started out in Gateway Championship Wrestling in St Louis under the tutelage of Dingo for 5 months. During the later stages of the company Ego Express (KC Karrington and Steven Kennedy) , Shorty Biggs, Sean Vincent and Cameron Cage took over the training. Allen quickly felt that he had trained with the best, so that proved that he was superior to the rest of the locker room and he had yet to have a match.


The correspondent went on to tell me that “His (Eric Allen) ego escalated even further when his hand was raised in Overland Park when he defeated Trent Stone. In Eric’s mind he was a World Champion in the making.  Then by surprise GCW went under and he was left without a home promotion. When you saw Eric all he ever talked about was how he could have been the greatest Gateway Championship Champion of all time. Time went on and he never really seemed to be focused.”


Then he got the call from Lethal Wrestling Alliance to wrestle young Brandon Aarons  when the Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) came to town. He told anyone that would listen, take notice because the MCMG may take him back with them to TNA after he schooled “This punk kid”.


Aarons was able to get the win and really seemed to get in the head of Allen. Later that same month Allen got another chance to show the LWA what he was made of defeating “Just” Rick Stone.  After the match was over Allen spent the rest of the night lobbing LWA Management for another chance at Brandon Aaron claiming that their first match was fluke.  Allen received his wish and when LWA returned to St Charles the next month the two went at it again it was a repeat of their first encounter.


Allen just disappeared for almost a year and hit rock bottom when he was defeated by Steven Miller. Eric Allen who envisioned himself as the next World Champion was furious and humiliated when an LWA fan started a thread asking “Who the F is Eric Allen?”  One fan thought is was a ref, another one replied he is good a drawing pictures, and one Superfan demanded that he got to see pictures of this Eric Allen still in disbelief that he existed.


High Voltage Wrestling certainly knows who Eric Allen is. They got to see first hand the talent first hand on March 14th where he was very impressive in his domination of Max Archer. After the match was over he was seen lobbying HVW booker Frank Thurman for a HVW title shot with comments like “Let me put HVW on the wrestling map, HVW is young and fresh looking to strive to become the best in the Midwest and I can bring the promotion to the next level.


My correspondent went on to say “The last I caught up with Eric Allen he had told me how he had won this Peorian Pride Championship.” (I had not told my contact where and how Allen had told me he won it)  Allen said that he was headlined in a huge secret  fundraising wrestling event for the Republican Party at the Peoria Civic Center to determined the very first Peorian Pride Champion. He would not say who he fought but hinted that it was a former WWE Superstar who happens to be in the UFC right now. Any fool would know that he was wanting me to think that it was Brock Lesner but when I humored him and asked was it Lesner he replied “ I would love to tell you but you know the government, everything is a secret.”


 He ended it with “The man is talented, there is no doubt about it. The problem is his lack of friends due to his ego.” The man is shady and I wouldn’t turn my back on him if I was one of his friends.


 Word got back to Allen that I was inquiring information about his title and history and he contacted me via e-mail.  It was short and sweet, “Mr. Kelley make your way to Woodriver Illinois on April 25 at MECW to see the future of the sport and if you’re lucky I will give you the time to know more about the most dominate champion of the Midwest, Eric Allen “The Peorian Pride Champion”.  Tell my fans that I am blessing them with my appearance at High Voltage Wrestling in May when they return to Granite City, IL on May 9th.”


It looks as if I will have to wait a little longer to find out the truth of Eric Allen. Join MWR at Woodriver Illinois on April 25 as we try to get to the truth of the Peorian Pride Championship. Till then  for more information on this show please go to MECWrestling.com



To book Eric Allen please contact him via his myspace page by clicking here Peorian Pride Champion

20 Responses to “MWR Spotlight: Eric Allen The Peorian Pride Champion”?”

  1. Crimefighter said

    As someone who’s seen a ton of Peoria shows, I can say I have not seen Eric Allen up here in these parts…and I am sure someone in Peoria is gonna take issue with this!

  2. Eric Allen said

    I think that this crime fighter guy should shut his mouth and show respect to me.As far as the other people in peoria ,they are truly proud of me and think that you should go take a long walk off a short brigde.

  3. Crimefighter said

    Really…if you want me to respect you…I want to see you defeat some of the best Peoria has to offer…actually some of those folks have started to make appearances down in the St. Louis area recently…so why don’t you challenge anyone from Peoria and prove you’re the best of Peoria?

  4. Eric Allen said

    I can beat anyone in Peoria!!That’s why I’m the champion!!! If you like to choose someone for me to beat then go ahead.I have no need to prove myself to you or any other fellow Peorian wrestler.And you if you want to see first hand what I would do to you or any other Eric Allen wannabe from Peoria, I invite you and them to show up to the MECW show this Saturday so you can see the EA way live and in person!! Don’t Get Scared!!!

  5. Crimefighter said

    *pffth* Okay out of these names…have you EVER wrestled – Ryan Phoenix, Axis, Brett Gakiya, CJ Esparza, Nick Brubaker, Big Pappa, Catalyst Cory Carter, Kyle Rich, Hunter Matthews, Dewey Dawson, Andy Roberts, Prince Mustafa Ali? I could throw more names in the pile…but we’ll stop here…have you wrestled ANY of these folks?

  6. Eric Allen said

    Have you? I haven’t had the time to beat them yet,but there is always time.I’m sure you could throw more names out there and I’m sure They would bow down to the champ!I will wrestle anybody, even you.And you changed the subject,Come fight some Crime at MECW this weekend or HVW.Unless ur mouth is bigger then your heart.Because I will wrestle anyone and prove I’m the best that peoria has to offer. Chump!!!!!!!

  7. Crimefighter said

    Last time someone tried to force me to come out of the crowd and become a wrestler, the person suddenly lost to a rookie, got knocked out by a girl, then got pinned by a gay guy all in the span of five minutes. I don’t think challenging a FAN to a match is a wise move. That video’s online somewhere.

  8. Eric Allen said

    And this tells me what??Making up stories gets you no where little man!I understand that you could not hold your own in the ring with a Man of my status.I’m only inviting you to come so you can be allowed to speack your mind in front of me.I understand that you,ve run your mouth and put your foot in so far that now you will do anything to get out of it.Seems like the the Idiot of crime doesn,t have what it takes to say his thoughts in person like a man.Instead you hide behind a computer screen typing while urinating on yourself.You should rename yourself The Mouth,or The Weakling,or The Girl with Fear!You can even bring your little board! Prove to the the wrestling world that your not all talk,a joke,or that you have a pair!!!So come on down and fight some crime!!!!I will save you a seat!!!!

  9. Crimefighter said

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…you’re an idiot.

  10. Eric Allen said

    I’m not the one running there mouth.I guess that means that you are scared to say these things in my face.So shut up!!!!!!You clown.

  11. Crimefighter said

    I wasn’t kidding when I said the last person who challenged me lost to a rookie, got knocked out by a girl, then got pinned by a gay guy all in the span of five minutes….moron.

  12. Eric Allen said

    You are such a loser!This has nothing to do with me.I’m not some chump like the guy in that video.That would never happen to me.Also just admit that you talk to much and that you aren’t man enough to tell me this stuff to my face.You hide behind your computer screen instead of doing something.I’ve called you out in front of the entire mid west wrestling scene, all is left is for you to put your rep were your mouth is.From now on wherever I wrestle is going to be a special chair with your name on it.That is you gain some courage and decide to show!!!You Pansy!!! {P.S. I thought people who fought crime had a spine?}

  13. Crimefighter said

    Like you’re the first one to ever do so? I think I’ll contact http://www.affordabletitlebelts.com and have them make another belt to claim I’m the champ of Peoria having never wrestled.

  14. Eric Allen said

    I think that belt should be champion of all Weaklings.You Slack Jaw whore!

  15. Crimefighter said

    You really are a douche. Tell ya what, show up at Next Generation Wrestling on May 3rd at Cruizens II on Farmington Road IN PEORIA and issue an open challenge to anyone IN PEORIA to a match for that belt and prove you really are who you say you are. I’ll be there, will you?

  16. Eric Allen said

    Look you whore!How are you going to challenge me,when I laid down a challenge first.You are a clown who is all talk!I’m defending my belt all ready,so I don’t need to come to your show!{feel free to come and see}What you need to do is let the world know that you are a large vagina that can’t back up what she says.You may dislike what I say but at least I’m not running from you.You are nothing but a scared little b***H who wishes he could do half the stuff I can do.You sit at home and dream of me and other wrestlers that you want to be.Because always remember that I’m your favorite wrestler favorite wrestler.So how about you go to hell and kiss my Peorian Pride Championship A**. You scared Tramp!!!!!!!!!!! -Eric Allen

  17. Crimefighter said

    You’re the one claiming to be a Peoria champion…and I don’t answer idiots demanding I go somewhere just so the lazy anal buttwipe only has to walk five feet to confront me for even daring to speak my mind…if you want to b**** and moan at me so bad YOU get your sorry butt over to where I will be…that’s how it works dufus. So if you want to whine and cry about me saying “mean things” about you, show up in Peoria and defend your belt…or SHUT UP!

    BTW…more people know who Crimefighter is than Eric Allen…and it will STAY that way. We at the NBS considered covering this nonsense of a story but decided not to give any publicity to some no name that no one has ever heard of. And Peoria thinks you calling yourself the champ of Peoria is disgusting.

  18. Eric Allen said

    First of all,I don’t b***h and moan,Second it works that way,I am the wrestler and you are not.And why would I travel there so you can stare at my at my butt.Third you said mean stuff? I only wanted you to come out so I could express myself to you in such a way you deserve!You dweeb!!Nothing you could say or do could ever hurt me.And lastly,you are right more people know who you are then me.But to let you in on a little secret no one gives a s**T about you!!Every wrestler thinks you are the biggest joke since Rosanne singing the Star Spangled Banner!!!M.R.S. LUCAS!!You have become a laughing stock of the wrestling world.And I don’t need your publicity cause I may be unknown to a lot of people,but I’m rising to the top faster then you going down on other guys!!Now suck on that you cowardly little man.Also tell your Mom and Sister to stop calling me!!I only did them cause I was bored,I will send them an 8X10 and there underwear back. Thanks Grime Bitter.

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  20. […] Legend Mil Mascaras in a rare appearance in the Midwest at NWA Dynamo on Wednesday April 29th. MWR Spotlight: Eric Allen The Peorian Pride Champion”? MECW September 19 recap with Photos Matt […]

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