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Stacey O’Brien presented with the 2008 MWR Female Wrestler of the Year Award

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 4, 2009

Missouri Wrestling Revival took great pride in the 2008 MWR Awards. The voting was tough for each category and there were many great people that helped with making MWR one of the most looked at sites in the Midwest in its very first year.

Missouri Wrestling Revival hopes is to present the winners of the 2008 awards with a special plaque that honors them for this great achievement. On February 14th, we were honored to be guest of MMWA-SICW so we could present Stacey O’Brien with the 2008 MWR Female Wrestler of the Year.

MMWA-SICW announcer Tim Miller hosted the presentation in the center of the ring prior to the evening’s matches. You could tell that O’Brien took great pride in taunting the packed crowd when she hoisted the Plaque in the air. They responded in boos but the Irish bad girl in the Midwest was all smiles.


Stacey O’Brien, Tim Miller and Brian Kelley (Photo Credit: Dubray Tallman)


Stacey O’Brien, Tim Miller and Brian Kelley (Photo Credit:Michael Van Hoogstraat)


Stacey O’Brien, Tim Miller and Brian Kelley (Photo Credit :Dubray Tallman)


Stacey O’Brien and Brian Kelley (Photo credit:Michael Van Hoogstraat)

Who will be the MWR Female Wrestler of the Year for 2009?

Take a chance to vote and come back in less than a year and find out!

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