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Archive for September 8th, 2008

MWR July and August 2008 Awards

Posted by Admin on September 8, 2008

Missouri Wrestling Revival’s July and August Awards!

The MWR 100 pushed the awards back for July and August, but don’t think that we have forgotten. After much deliberation and even more effort, MWR releases the July and August award winners! Winners were selected by committee.

Here are the winners and runners up for July and August 2008, respectively:

MWR July Wrestler of the Month

KC Karrington [LWA]

Always a tremendous talent, KC arrived as a viable main event wrestler in the survivor series streetfight at LWA’s Circus Maximus. He had the match won as the sole survivor before being ambushed by his girlfriend.

1st Runner Up – “Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell [3XW]
2nd Runner Up – Tyler Black [AAW]
3rd Runner Up – AJ Williams [MMWA-SICW]

Others receiving votes:
Brett Gakiya, Abu Colossus.

MWR August Wrestler of the Month

“Delicious” Devin Carter [3XW]

After winning the 3XW Heavyweight Title in June from gage Octane and defeating Mark Sterling for the 3XW Pure Title in July (retaining heavyweight gold in the process), Carter solidified his claim as the best in Iowa by defeating former champion Octane in a rematch.

1st Runner Up – The Searcher [FTW]
2nd Runner Up – “The Future” Donovan Ruddick [LWA/FTW]
3rd Runner Up – “Bloody” Harker Dirge [NBWA]

Others receiving votes:
CJ Eparza.

MWR July Tag Team of the Month

Northstar Express (Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz) [3XW/AAW]

Corbin & Cruz successfully defended the 3XW Tag Team Titles in a four way match in July, defeating Mad Dog McDowell & Krotch, Midwest Ground & Air and Ricky Kwong & Jimmy Rockwell. On top of that, they defeated the top contenders The Phoenix Twins in AAW to get closer to a rematch for the AAW Tag Team Titles.

1st Runner Up – Maximum Destruction (Sage Ramsey & Jason Wells) [NMW]
2nd Runner Up – LONRs (Mark Sterling & Darrien Sanders)
3rd Runner Up – Ego Express (KC Karrington & Steven Kennedy)

Others receiving votes:

MWR August Tag Team of the Month

Feature Presentation (Eric Ruffington & Blake Steel) [NMW]

Ruffington & Steel defeated the seemingly unbeatable Sage Ramsey & Jason Wells for the NMW Tag Team Titles, capitalizing on the breakup of the champs in pure Feature Presentation fashion.

1st Runner Up – Windy City Classic (Danny Daniels & Trik Davis) [SCW/AAW]
2nd Runner Up – Phoenix Twins (Tweek & Dash) [AAW/SCW/AAPW]
3rd Runner Up – Danny Ice & Davey Boy Sloan [Renegade Pro Wrestling]

Others receiving votes:

MWR July Promotion of the Month

Lethal Wrestling Alliance

LWA finally scores the Promotion of the Month honors after producing the best overall show in the St. Louis area for the month of July in Circus Maximus. Fans have been on record as saying that the LWA has consistently improved since the beginning of the 2nd Quarter of the year!

1st Runner Up – Elite Pro Wrestling
2nd Runner Up – Pro Wrestling Phoenix
3rd Runner Up – New Breed Wrestling Alliance

Others receiving votes:

MWR August Promotion of the Month

3X Wrestling

After celebrating their third anniversary in July, 3XW followed it up with the first 3XW show in August in the entire history of the promotion!

1st Runner Up – Elite Pro Wrestling
2nd Runner Up – Scott County Wrestling
3rd Runner Up – AAW: Pro Wrestling Redefined

Others receiving votes:
Juggalo Championship Wrestling.

MWR July Woman of the Month

Stacy O’Brien [WLW/MMWA-SICW]

The WLW and MMWA-SICW Women’s Champ defeated a very hungry Amy Hennig in Hennig’s pro wrestling debut. The pressure of wrestling an opponent from a legendary family of wrestlers was nonexistent for O’Brien. That is the mark of a true champion.

1st Runner Up – MsChif
2nd Runner Up – Sara Del Ray

Others receiving votes:

MWR August Woman of the Month

Alexis Lightfoot [MMWA-SICW]

Lightfoot won the MMWA-SICW Women’s Championship from Stacy O’Brien in the month of August, making a statement that she is the best in the St. Louis area and fans should take notice.
1st Runner Up – Stacy O’Brien

Others receiving votes:

MWR July Personality of the Month

Tiffany LaFane [LWA]

In a month where her former boyfriend wins the Wrestler award, it makes sense that she is selected as the Personality of the Month. One of the most talented and charismatic women in wrestling, LaFane shocked the LWA and her boyfriend KC Karrington by leaving him in violent fashion at LWA’s Circus Maximus.

1st Runner Up – Bud Chaplin [National Wrestling Coalition]
2nd Runner Up – KL Snow [3XW/Magnum Pro/PWP]
3rd Runner Up – Crimefighter [St. Louis Wrestling Community]

Others receiving votes:

MWR August Personality of the Month

Shad Tally [NBWA]

Shad made news this past month by getting signed to a WWE developmental contract as a referee. Wrestlers get a lot of recognition for their work here in the Midwest, but it’s nice to see a great talent like Shad Tally get recognized by “The E”.

1st Runner Up – KL Snow [3XW/Magnum Pro/PWP]
2nd Runner Up – BJ Race [WLW]
3rd Runner Up – Crimefighter [St. Louis Wrestling Community]

Others receiving votes:

MWR July Match of the Month

8-Man Survivor Series Streetfight:
Submission Squad vs Ego Express & Bearded Men from Space Station 11 (7/12/2008 in O’Fallon, IL) [LWA]

It all came down to a bloody KC Karrington and the bane of his existence, Davey Vega. KC’s girlfriend came out and shocked the LWA crowd by kicking her boyfriend below the belt, ensuring a Submission Squad victory. This will go down as one of the craziest brawls in LWA’s history. Want proof? The police were called!

1st Runner Up –

AAW Heavyweight Title Match:
Jerry Lynn (C) vs Tyler Black
(7/12/2008 in Berwyn, IL) [AAW]

2nd Runner Up –

EPW TV Title Match:
JD Hughes (C) vs Brandon Thomaselli
(7/25/2008 in Oak Lawn, IL) [EPW]

3rd Runner Up –

Hype Gotti vs Jaysin Strife
(7/5/2008 in Council Bluffs, IA) [PWP]

MWR August Match of the Month

Ladder Match for the NGW Heavyweight Title:
Brett Gakiya (C) vs Nick Brubaker
(8/16/2008 in Pekin, IL) [NGW]

An exciting match that saw Gakiya give Brubaker a Spanish Fly from the top rope through a table on the field!

1st Runner Up –

NWA Missouri Title Match:
Dingo (C) vs “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt
(8/1/2008 in Fenton, MO) [CSW]

2nd Runner Up –

3XW Heavyweight Title Match:
“Delicious” Devin Carter (C) vs Gage Octane
(8/15/2008 in Des Moines, IA) [3XW]

3rd Runner Up –

Tyler Cook vs Zac James
(8/16/2008 in Council Bluffs, IA) [PWP]

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