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Combat Tested, Mother Approved

Posted by Admin on March 30, 2008

“Combat Tested, Mother Approved”
Issue 3

By Joshua Ray

It’s the night of Wrestlemania, and due to work I’ll be watching the show tomorrow morning. I’m working twelve hour night shifts the entire month of April (at least 5 days each week, 6PM to 6AM), so a lot of my wrestling plans are on hold for the month. I’m not complaining, though. The money I’ll be making will make it easier to catch the shows I want to in the months of May and June.

I wanted to take the time to address every promotion, wrestling fan, and wrestler in the Midwest, due to a flood of e-mails I’ve received over the past couple of weeks. I will not be calling anybody out in particular, because that is not the way I do business. This is more of a statement about how MWR works and how we can try to help.

First and foremost, this is a small operation filled with people who love the wrestling business. We aren’t here to cause problems or play favorites. We want to help promotions and wrestlers showcase what they have to offer, and keep everybody informed. At the same time, we are unable to promote an organization that has been substantiated as conducting illegal activities.

On the promoting/showcasing side of things, people should understand that none of us (save for “Smart” Mark Anthony) live on the Internet. It is highly improbable for us to check the hundreds of promotions in the Midwest out with such a small operation. That is why we openly offer for news items and special features to be sent in for publishing on the site. We are also available to work on special pieces for wrestling promotion websites, too. The key is to open dialogue. Missouri Wrestling Revival looks to help in whatever way we can.

If you are a writer and enjoy wrestling, we encourage you to cover your local promotion(s) and send in your articles, columns, and reviews! Talk to us, then speak with the promotion(s) you wish to cover and/or write about. A good promotion looks for any good help that it can get. Showcase your favorite promotion and your writing skills!

We are not playing favorites. Sure, as my own man I can admit that I have closer ties with some promotions over others. That is the nature of things. I am one man and I can only do so many things while supporting my wife, 2 year old son, and working for a living. Above all else, though, I am a professional. I act professionally. I work professionally. I conduct myself as a professional. I hope that this site, as modest and small as it is, can reflect that. We have maintained 2000 hits per month since our beginning in January, so I’d like to think that it is the case. That means covering professional wrestling promotions and professional wrestlers in an unbiased manner.

That being said, we welcome any input from you! Do you want to write something for the site? Do you want to showcase your promotion? Wrestlers, want to work with one of our staff for an interview to get your name out there? We’re up to the task. Contact us!

I hope that I have explained things in a way to is satisfactory for you all. I’ve got some great people doing great things for MWR, and we all do this for nothing. We love wrestling and want to be involved in any way possible!

Kari Williams covers MMWA-SICW very well with her recaps. She’s always willing to work hard in order to showcase the wrestlers of that promotion, and I appreciate her hard work. Every promotion in the Midwest should do as MMWA-SICW does, as it doesn’t get much better than having a professional correspondent to submit award nominations and show recaps!

Brian “Flair” Kelley is my brother from another mother. He and I hit it off from our very first meeting, and share a passion for professional wrestling. There is no doubt in my mind that he is the most traveled wrestling fan in the Midwest. His work on “Your Trip to Space Mountain” and the MWR Interviews is invaluable. Invite him out to a wrestling show. Ask him to do an interview. He asks nothing for his love of wrestling, other than to be entertained. He’d bend over backwards for you.

Then there is “Smart” Mark Anthony. He’s gotten lazy on me recently, but I know that he’s lurking on the Internet. His unique spin on things is a welcome addition to Missouri Wrestling Revival!

This has been my latest edition of “Combat Tested, Mother Appproved!”.

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